By Constructing a custom designed shed to store the items in and setting that shed on the framework of a no longer used pontoon boat, he was able to accomplish the desired result.

Because neighbors expressed interest in having a similar shed built for them, Craig decided that it was time to form a new company that could do for others what he had done for himself. 

The result is a Company that will not only provide storage units that are land based and conveniently placed near the dwelling in the winter when the lakes are frozen over but are water based and out of the way of backyard activities when the water is not frozen.  Each unit will in addition be designed to fill the needs of the individual who needs some extra storage.

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Owner Craig Kempenaar came up with the idea when 

he and his wife sold their large family home where they had raised their family and down-sized to a  smaller lake home.


They needed someplace to conveniently store items that they would only need occasionally, or only seasonally.


Previously these items had been located in a large 6 car garage. Which was easily accessible at any time.