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Our Vision




By providing side wall and floor E-Track fixtures we will be able to make securing the contents of the storage unit simple and safe.


Five foot length @ 27.00

Ten foot length @ 45.00

Versatile Trailer Plate for All Tracks

Single Spot Tie down @ $12.00

Strategically placed D Ring tie downs anchors will make it easy to have tie downs at the right place for each individuals needs.

Recessed D Ring CargoTie Down Anchor, Square GalvaRound Pan Fitting Tie Down with Plastic BaseRecessed D Ring Tie-Down Anchor | Small Square Galvanized Cargo Pan Fitting TieDownLarge Square D Ring Fitting w/ Mounting Plate & Bo

Recessed D-Ring Tie down  $18.00

¼” D Ring Flush Flush Mount  $7.00

Recessed D-Ring Tie down  $10.00

Recessed D-Ring Tie down  Anchor Large Square Pan Fitting + mounting plate $19.00

Zinc-Plated Oval Light Duty Recessed Pan Fitting RingRound Recessed D Ring Tie Down, Rotating 360°Round Steel Flush Mount Pan Fitting D-RingLarge Square Recessed Pan Fitting D Ring Anchor

Zinc Plated oval light duty recessed pan d Ring Fitting $8.50

Round Recessed Rotating D Ring Tie Down $22.00

Round Steel Flush Mount Pa Fitting D Ring  $8.00

Recessed D Ring Cargo Tie Down $12.00

Tie down straps will complete the securing of items. 

Type and length will be determined by what items are being secured.

The Ratchet Tie Down Strap allows for  greater tension of the larger and heavier items that are being secured.


The straps are 2” wide and are color coded for the length to make selection from a storage container easy.


Yellow straps are 12’ in length @ $17.00

Grey straps are 16’ in length @ $18.00

Blue Straps are 20’ in length @ $20.00

2" x 12' Yellow Cam Buckle Strap w/ 3 Piece E2in x 16ft Grey Cam Buckle Strap with 3 Piece E2in x 20ft Blue Cam Buckle Strap with 3 Piece E

The Cam Tie Down Strap allows for  less tension that is needed when lighter items are being secured.


The straps are 2” wide and are color coded for the length to make selection from a storage container easy.


Yellow straps are 12’ in length @ $18.00

Grey straps are 16’ in length @ $20.00

Blue Straps are 20’ in length @ $22.00

E-Track Wheel Tie Down Straps

Vehicles are often secured using Wheel Bonnet Tie downs to the E-Track mountings in the floor,  These Tie downs come by Wheel size (ie 15” 16“  20” Tire)

Price is determined by the tire size  as an example the 15” Bonnet is $48.00

Clothing storage can be accomplished with the use of Especially made Clothing storage bags.  These bags will allow clothing to be stored on hangers to prevent the clothes from wrinkling and to preserve them with out fold marks.  An appropriate number of brackets and rods will provide for each client’s individual needs..

Image result for clothes brackets

Solid Brass Bracket @ $25 Each     White Powder Coated @ $14           Canvas Storage Bags

1 5/16th inch diameter clothes rods in 8 Foot Lengths


Oil Rubbed Bronze                       Clear coat Brass                  Polished Chrome                        Satin Stainless

   $100.00                                             $90.00                                        $75.00                                 $70.00

In simplest terms, water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface, while the other 29% consists of continents and islands.


This fact lends itself to the consideration of where the most space for storing things is.  The obvious answer is on water.

We humans have the disadvantage of being primarily land creatures.  We walk on land, (The one exception is, of course, Jesus who could walk on water) and when the rest of us attempt to walk on water we must of necessity create a synthetic piece of land upon which to walk.  (A floating platform of some kind)  Mostly in the form of a BOAT, or RAFT.  When such a synthetic piece of land is made by us in such a way that it can be moved from place to place the normal terminology for such an item is “A CRAFT”.   When such “A CRAFT” is made to be utilized by us either afloat or on land we call that craft




Therein lays the reason for our name:


Amphibious Shed Company

We provide a synthetic piece of land (Normally at a lesser cost than real land) that can be placed on land (The Back yard) or on water (The lake).  Very simply it is four walls, a floor and a roof with an entrance or entrances, all to be of sufficient size to accommodate the function being preformed at the time.  As an example: FOR STORAGE        

We provide within the unit shelving, brackets, hangers, tie downs or whatever will be needed to make your storage secure and safe.  Each unit will be different.  After all we are no two of us exactly alike and we will each have different items to store.  Some will store boxes, some will want hanging space to store clothing, some will want to store utensils, some tools, some machinery, some furniture, some appliances, some a mix of everything.  We will take the time to determine, along with you, what you will need and provide the proper fixtures and accesses necessary for those needs.

https://img.palaydisplay.com/P.cache.large/Travel-Garment-Bag-48.jpgLingerie Metal HangerSalesman Dress Metal Hanger 16"

Lingerie Metal Hangers


$1.40 Each

Chrome All Purpose hangers


 16” - 18”  - 19”