Amphibious SHED Company also provides many other opportunities.


1. The ability to serve food and beverage at the dock.

2. The ability to provide food and beverage on the open water.

3. Provide changing rooms, near the water without needing to use the home facilities.

4. Provide bathroom facilities at a convenient location.

5. Become a locker room for both sexes as needed.




Examples of Changing Room on the right and facilities for shower and Toilet above.

Food and Beverage service can be as simple or as complete as desired.

From prepackaged sandwiches and an ice chest to a fully functional kitchen, with deep fryer and dishwashing ability.

Dock side amenities to keep the house or cabin clean and give guests easy access to the facilities they require.

Be in a place to change into swim wear or a place to shower or a place to relieve oneself, they can all be easily accessible at the dock or afloat near the swim platform.